Day 1: Patient Evaluations

Tired, Safe & Sound in Vietnam

On Our Way!

Preparing for Can Tho: Jeffrey Spanko, DPM

Preparing for Can Tho: Kim Austin

Preparing for Can Tho: Stacy Lerner

Team Member Bio: Stacy Lerner

Preparing for Can Tho: Sahra Sellers

Preparing for Can Tho: Logan Lehnert

Team Member Bio: Kim Austin, Marketing & Writing

Preparing for Can Tho: Wing Ip

Preparing for Can Tho: Bruce's View

Getting to Know IEP's Henry Duvalsaint

International Extremity Project: How We Do It

Team Member Bio: Bruce Lehnert, DPM

2013 Mission Team

Preparing for Can Tho

Getting Ready for Vietnam, Not Just Writing About It

Kids Helping Kids

Gratitude from the IEP Team

Wrapping Up Our First Namibian Mission

Second Week, First Namibian Mission

IEP on Namibian TV (Video)

Friday in Namibia -- Interviews & Surgeries

Thursday in Namibia

Wednesday in Namibia

Positive Reception in Namibia

First Days in Namibia

Travel Tales to Namibia, SFO to FRA

Pre-flight Check: Namibia

Hello Can Tho!

Next Week: Namibia

Next Mission: Namibia