Friday, July 22, 2016

Licensed and Ready to Go to Namibia

From Bruce Lehnert:

As we move closer to our departure date, the U.S. and Namibian team members are closing all the loops for the upcoming mission. 

Earlier this week, Namibian medical licenses were issued to our surgeons. With just a few more details related to coordinating the patients and operating rooms, we'll be finished with the pre-trip detail list. 

Just two weeks until we depart!

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

IEP & Dollies Making A Difference in Nambia

Madison Pribyl and Dr. Wing Ip
Post from Wing Ip, who is traveling on her third mission with IEP and her first to Namibia.
Surgery is two-fold, comprising the work of the surgeon followed by the work of the patient. For the patient, it takes a lot of bravery and determination to go through a life-changing surgery that will enable them to walk again, to be able to go to school and participate in their community.

Therefore, International Extremity Project is happy to announce that for our upcoming trip to Namibia, we have formed a partnership with Dollies Making A Difference, a wonderful non-profit community of women who create hand-made dollies and bears to those in need.

We are honored to be ambassadors for Dollies Making A Difference. And we're excited to hand-deliver bundles of joy and love to our patients. I know they will find comfort in having them during their recovery.

Recovery can be grueling, especially patients who may be bed-bound for weeks and lose even more of their independence while their body heals. Unfortunately, because surgery is not without risks, many of our patients experience trepidation that the results may not unfold as planned. So yes, there is a lot of work by the patient, physically, emotionally, and mentally. And in the case of children, even more so.

Last weekend, most of the California-based IEP team gathered to organize and pack supplies for the upcoming trip. We're bringing along the dolls and bears in preparation for our 9,000-mile journey to Namibia.