Thursday, July 26, 2018

Who Me? On a Medical Mission to Namibia?

I started working with International Extremity Project more than ten years ago by creating the website and writing blog posts from information the team sent me from the trips. And then six years ago, Dr. Bruce Lehnert asked if I would join the group for a trip to Vietnam. 

It was definitely one of those "who me?" moments. It was like when you're in a room and someone waves in your direction and you look around wondering if they're really waving at you. Except I was in front of a keyboard and screen, so the question really was for me.

Needless to say, I said yes. I agreed to fly around the world with people I didn't really know to do something that I'd never even come close to doing before. It was amazing. 

And now I'm headed on my fifth journey with International Extremity Project. Somehow it's still hard to imagine that I have this opportunity. Am I really packing for my second mission trip to Namibia? Are those really totes of medical equipment in my living room?

I've gone from writing blog posts to managing the patient information, working on the surgery schedules, and sometimes even helping in the operating room. (Fear not: My OR role is usually paperwork, comforting patients, or getting sterile supplies for the medical team.) It makes the answer to "what did you do on your vacation?" far more interesting than it once was.

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Looking forward to Namibia

From John Kao

Well, it's only two weeks away. There certainly is a nervous excitement within me as I finish off my vaccinations and begin packing for the big trip.

All the arthroscopy stuff is packed away and ready to ship. Our excursions are set. Now, all that's left are the Packing party and the trip itself.

I'm not sure what to expect being the first arthroscopist to make this trip. Whatever happens, it will be enlightening to see deformities and injuries in this part of the world. I look forward to the challenge and helping in any way possible.

Yes, an adventure lies ahead of us all. And as for me, I say, bring it on!

Sunday, July 15, 2018

Getting Ready for Our Medical Mission in Namibia

Post from Jenni Lehnert

Medical supplies and equipment are prepared.
Team meetings and trip planning are behind us. 

Next up is the packing party, where we organize our supplies and equipment. After inventory, we address and pack everything into totes. That's when the big excitement comes and the reality of the upcoming mission reveals itself.

I am personally excited to work once again with United Africa Group, the Namibian Ministry of Health, and all the staff at the hospital. The ongoing working friendship to help the people of Namibia is a true calling of mine. 

Please follow our mission through our daily posts here, on Facebook, and on Twitter

Thanks to all who have helped.

Saturday, July 14, 2018

16 Days Until Namibia

Post from Henry Duvalsaint

Once again, IEP is in the last weeks of preparation for our next mission visit to Namibia. Our experience in Namibia two years ago had left a great impression on our staff ability along with the local Namibian hospital community. 

In addition, United Africa Group has been extremely supportive and has provided some of the logistical support for our upcoming mission. I am looking forward to a successful trip and I thank both the IEP team and the United Africa Group for their continued efforts and dedication in helping underprivileged children and adults.

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

20 Days Until Namibia!

Logan in Vietnam. January 2018

From Logan Lehnert

IEP has been a fun and broadening experience. I have learned a lot about operating rooms, orthopedic deformities and how they change people's lives.

What a great opportunity to see past our own society and culture. I have gotten to see different cultures and the advantages I have in the United States. I look forward to helping this August in Namibia.

Thursday, July 5, 2018

Less than a Month to Namibia

From Bruce Lehnert

Namibia map
In less than one month we will be in Namibia. This will be our third medical mission to the country that lies between Angola, Botswana, and South Africa. Independent since 1990, Namibia has the spirit of a young and determined country. 

We are going to help the kids with deformities that are preventing them from participating in their country's shedding of the past. This is real feel-good stuff. 

Thanks to all that have made this happen through donations of time, medical supplies, and money. 

Oh, I forgot to mention that we are in our 21st year of helping kids in need!