Friday, May 13, 2016

Team Member Bio: Lawrence Oloff, DPM

The 2016 mission to Namibia will be Dr. Oloff's first with the International Extremity Project. He practices foot and ankle surgery and podiatry at Sports, Orthopedic, and Rehabilitation Medicine Associates (SOAR) in Redwood City, California.

Dr. Oloff has a strong history in the San Francisco Bay Area, including affiliations with local professional sports teams and teaching positions.

Diplomate, American Board of Podiatric Surgery

Athletic Team Affiliations
  • San Francisco Giants, Team Podiatrist, 1998-Present 
  • Santa Clara University, Team Podiatrist, 1992-Present 
  • San Francisco 49ers, Team Podiatrist, 1992-2006 
  • San Jose Ballet, Attending Podiatrist, 1992-2002
Teaching Positions
  • Dean for Academic Affairs, California College of Podiatric Medicine 1988-1992 
  • Clinical Associate Professor, Department of Orthopedic Surgery, Chief Foot Clinic, Stanford University Medical Center 1992-1995 
Professional Societies
  • American Podiatric Medical Association 
  • California Podiatric Medical Association 
  • Santa Clara Valley Podiatric Medical Society 
Academic and Professional Awards/Distinctions
  • Podiatry Management, Most Influential Podiatrists 2011 and 2006 
  • Distinguished Practitioner, National Academies of Practice, 1989 
  • Excellence in Medical Writing, American College Foot Surgery 
  • First Place: 1984 
  • Second Place: 1983 
  • Third Place: 1988, 1986, 1985 
  • B.S., Long Island University, Brooklyn, NY
  • D.P.M., Temple University, Philadelphia, PA
  • Internship/Residency: Delaware Valley Medical Center, Bristol, PA

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Getting the Equipment Ordered for Namibia

Along with organizing all the details for getting the team to Namibia, we also have to gather the equipment we'll take with us. Jenni Lehnert, RN -- IEP's nursing director -- works her magic and reports on her progress...
I am currently working with Project Cure to procure power equipment for surgery in Namibia. We're finalizing our order for small bone saws and high-speed drills. Surgical equipment company Stryker the equipment to Project Cure, which then distributes it to various medical missions.

We are waiting for the Stryker System 6 to take with us in August. The most exciting change is that all of the power tools are now cordless and battery powered, which makes them much easier to use when going to other countries with different power sources.

For more information on Project Cure go to

Monday, May 9, 2016

2016 Mission Team

Meet the team traveling to Namibia later this year. 

The IEP team is entirely made up of volunteers who share 
a passion for making a difference in a significant way.

IEP is a true volunteer organization.
No one is paid for their efforts. We use our vacation time and
are each responsible for covering the costs of airfare, hotel, and in-country
travel through donations or our personal funds.

All our supplies are donated or purchased from donations.
Most of what we don't use in patient procedures, we donate to the
hospitals to help provide supplies that are harder to obtain in locally.

Medical Team
Bruce Lehnert, DPM - Medical Director, Co-founder
Jeffrey Spanko, DPM - Surgeon, Co-founder
Jennifer Lehnert, RN - Nursing Director
Meir Nyska, MD - Surgeon
Dr. Lawrence Oloff -- Surgeon
Wing Ip, DPM - Surgeon

Support Team
Henry Duvalsaint - Mission Coordinator 
Kim Austin - Marketing Director and Patient Records
Madison Pribyl - Student Nurse

Thursday, May 5, 2016

Dr. Ip Looks Forward to Namibia

Preparing for a medical mission is a combination of managing logistics, fund-raising, and expectations. This will be Wing Ip's third mission with IEP and her first to Namibia. In her own words, here's Wing's perspective.
I am both excited and intimidated about this upcoming trip. This will be my first medical mission to Namibia, so navigating a new system and new culture, I expect will have its challenges. I also am excited to experience all the beauties that Namibia has to offer.

Of course, performing surgeries is always exciting and intimidating on its own. Anything can happen during surgery. You'd be surprised the obstacles that a surgeon may face despite thorough preparation. But that’s where a surgeon’s experience and skills shine the most. I always prepare for the worst and hope for the best.