Countdown to Vietnam 2023: Melissa Lipari

Hello, I’m Dr. Melissa Lipari! I am a podiatrist pursuing a fellowship at the University of Louisville in Kentucky, gaining invaluable experience working with their orthopedic trauma team. I completed my residency at Legacy Health in Portland, Oregon, where I learned techniques in deformity correction and built a strong foundation in comprehensive foot and ankle care. Beyond my medical expertise, I’m an avid rock climber, who loves to travel with friends to climbing destinations around the United States and the world. I eagerly anticipate the upcoming medical mission to Vietnam, this time as a fellow. This opportunity holds a special place in my heart, as it is my second mission with the team. My first was in 2015 as an undergraduate student, which fueled my passion for podiatry and ultimately played an instrumental role in my career choice. I’m thrilled at the prospect of reuniting with the incredible team I worked with back then. We share a remarkable camaraderie, dedication, and s

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