Mission Perspective: New View of the OR

Participating in a mission with IEP taught me valuable lessons that extend beyond conventional medicine. In areas where resources are more scarce, we maximized our impact by making the most of the supplies we brought with us. As a surgeon, I learned essential skills, including being more creative with instrumentation, finding workarounds in the operating room, and being less wasteful.  This trip also instilled in me the importance of thorough biomechanical examination. It’s not about spending more time but about being more focused and honing in on the physical imbalances that lead to the patient’s deformity. Two specific patient encounters come to mind as I reflect on highlights from the trip.  The first, a middle-aged female, came in on screening day. She was a return patient from a previous IEP mission to Can Tho. She came not looking for help but to thank the team. Before our intervention several years ago, she had a severe ankle deformity causing significant disability and allowed

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